CFP CM Certification in Brief

The CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM Certification (CFP CMCertification) is an internationally accepted qualification in the field of Financial Planning, recognized and accredited by the global financial community and organizations.The CFP CMCertification prepares an individual for a strong and committed career in the domain of Financial Planning. As a CFP CMprofessional, you become a coach and problem-solver,

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FPSB Members* of CFP CM

FPSB's members are nonprofit organizations from 24 territories around the world that are committed to developing, promoting and enforcing world-class standards for financial planning professionalism. Following is the list of member countries of FPSB who offer the CFP CMCertification program in their respective countries, for more information about the FPSB members, click on the respective links:

Financial Planning Association
of Australia Ltd. (FPA)
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CFP CM Course

CFP CMCertification Education: Candidates for CFP CMCertification must master theoretical and practical financial planning knowledge by completing a comprehensive course of study that meets standards set by the Board.

CFP CM Module 1: Introduction to Financial Planning (IFP)
The introduction module gives a basic insight into the entire syllabus of the CFPCM Certification program. The module covers the six-step process which includes Financial Planning process,

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CFP CM Examination

Candidates for CFP CM Certification must pass a comprehensive CFP CM Certification Examination that assesses their ability to apply integrated financial planning knowledge to real world client situations. Below are the details:

CFP Exam 1 Risk Analysis & Insurance Planning 102 NSE Centres Daily (Mon-Sat) 2 Hrs
CFP Exam 2 Retirement Planning & Employees Benefits 102 NSE Centres Daily (Mon-Sat) 2 Hrs
CFP Exam 3 Investment Planning 102 NSE Centres Daily (Mon-Sat) 2 Hrs
CFP Exam 4 Tax Planning & Estate Planning 102 NSE Centres Daily (Mon-Sat) 2 Hrs
CFP Exam 5 Advanced Financial Planning 102 NSE Centres Daily (Mon-Sat) 4 Hrs

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The Registration Process

  • Register with FPA
  • Documents required:
    • 3 passport size photographs
    • 2 photocopy of XII Std or Graduation (Self Attested)
  • Get trained by CFPCM Professionals or study through Distance Learning
  • Study from FPSBI approved study material
  • Prepare from our online 5000+ Question Bank
  • Practice on our real time Mock Exams

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